About The Game

Pokemon White Gold is the Pokemon game (not officially recognized, sponsored, or otherwise supported by Nintendo or Gamefreak)
that finally lets you be who you want to be. I'm sure at one point we've all gotten mad that we can't join Team Rocket, or Magma, or not catch em all and get the badges. What happens if you don't want to do that. Well those happen to be the main goals but there is all plenty of other things to keep you busy.

About the Game:
Pokemon White Gold was first concepted around 2 years ago. (For those of you lacking math skills, 2008.) It first started out with me and a few of my IRL friends. I tried twice to make the game to no avail eventually giving up because it bored me to tears, and I felt like playing on my Playstation 2 or I was hooked on a Need for Speed game. However, this time I will try to correct these errors, and not get addicted. If this should happen, either Agent Destroyer will receive the entire package if he should so want it, or I will let everyone know in advance, and this website will become an archive with the most modern Alpha/Beta/Full version.

Pokemon White Gold is developed in the Engine 'RPG Maker XP' for the PC, created by Enterbrain, Inc. Because the game is made in RPG Maker XP, based on Poccil and FlameGuru's Starter Kit, and borrows/uses scripts from numerous people: this game is FREEWARE. If you paid for it, you should demand your money back.

It will be available in hopefully multiple languages, as well as in two different rated versions, the E-version and the M-version.

The M-version is only available upon request and agreeing to a set of conditions which state that you are following all applicable laws in your country.

What to Expect (per version):

Languages: English, Spanish (*), German (*), French (*)
Note however that languages with a (*) next to them are subject to be changed or not included at all. Sorry folks, I speak English only with just a little bit of Spanish. If I can get some translators you can bet that other languages will exist however.

Rated E - This is just what you expect from any handheld version of Pokemon, the simplistic violence and no in-appropriate content. Perfectly safe for your kid to play on the computer.

Rated M - Just what the teenagers of the first generation players asked for. No I don't mean the 3rd generation Fire Red and Leaf Green, I mean those who quit after G/S/C because they outgrew Pokemon. This game is in your face with some language, and quite a bit of sexuality. However to obtain this, you must agree to an oath/license/contract that says you are following all laws applicable to your country involving violence, sexuality, and language. It is available only by request.

Countries who may receive this game, and the requirements:
United States: Age of 18
United Kingdom: Age of 18
Australia: Age of 15

Those who live in the following countries cannot play the M-RATED version of the game. (Subject to Change)
New Zealand


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