This was pretty much a rip from XBOX Live.

You do things in-game, you get Achievment Points (hereby referred to as AP from now).

It can be for a silly thing, a stupid choice, being evil/good, or just about anything. Hell I might give you an achievment just for taking one step outside of your house!

Okay now that my ranting is done, let's proceed to the list of achievements.

1 GOLD DIGGER 10 Find 1x Oak's Underwear. Okay, that's just messed up.
2 LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR! 5 Commit suicide in Pallet Town. You need a life.
3 OFFICIAL SUPPORTER OF WHITE GOLD 20 You played the game for 2 hours! W00t! Paying money is ftw.
4 POKEMON GET 5 Recieve your starter Pokemon from Professor Oak. Yeah, you go girl/guy!
5 I CAN HAS ACHIEVEMENT NAO? 1 Recieve no achievements by the time you enter Viridian City. So obviously, you can't get this right?
6 ALL YOUR BASE R BELONG TO ME 5 Create a Secret Base. Wow, cause that was real hard, rite?
7 MINER NEWBIE 3 Go Underground. But, the thought of the boogey monster underground gives me the willies.
8 DÉCOR MASTER 5 Pimp your bedroom. No punchline, soz.


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