Available Jobs

The following is a list of available jobs. If you wish to apply to join the team, then please send an email to moc.oohay|xxx#moc.oohay|xxx:


Field: Please enter why we should add you to the team. Maybe include some references, former teams, and maybe some examples of your work.


  • Members of the team, get access to ALL versions.
  • Team members can get special event Pokemon, no matter the release version.
  • Team members all make a cameo appearance in the game and can have an event associated with them or choose to be a gym leader, elite four, ect.
  • You are in the credits of the game.


  • Because this game is freeware (due to copyrights and stuff), there is no salary. Just credits and in-game sponsorship as well as future validation of you working here if you decide to use us as a reference.

What is NOT Acceptable:

  • If you are applying to the team, do NOT submit stolen work. If you didn't make it yourself, don't submit it.

JOB.TITLE (Number Needed)


RGSS Scriptor (2):
Must be able to understand the code involved with the Starter Kit as well as be able to write their own RGSS/Ruby Scripts for the game.

Co-Story Writer (1):
Must be creative and honest.

Battle Sprite Creator (2):
Must be able to create front and back sprites of said Pocket Monsters. May also include design of trainers. Some may be as small as a recolour while others maybe need to be done scratch. Splicing may also be a viable option if done right.

Tile Creator (1~2)
We'll need probably just a few custom tile(set)[s]. Knowledge of autotiles is helpful.

Overworld Character Spriter (1):
Needs to be able to create overworld person/pocket monster sprites.
[Work is cut, because OW's of 001-493 already exist in-game.]

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