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Please don't spam us. If you email us, please let it be a legitimate question. We will not keep this open if we begin receiving spam.

Spawn Hyuuga: moc.oohay|dloGetihWnomekoP#moc.oohay|dloGetihWnomekoP <-- This is the Guy you SHOULD EMAIL, because it gets checked at least once/day.

But you could also email these people: <-—- These people may not read their email. -.- or reply…


Destroyer (CEO of E-Desert Storm Productions Australia (EDSPA) ): ua.moc.oohay|53122tnega#ua.moc.oohay|53122tnega <—-Replies usually in 1-3 days

SEND ALL BUG REPORTS TO THIS EMAIL ADDRESS: moc.oohay|sgubdlogetihwnomekop#moc.oohay|sgubdlogetihwnomekop

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