Credits for Pokemon White Gold:

Original Credits:

Created Pokemon
E-Desert Storm Productions (EDSP) does not claim any rights to the terms, properties, and any associations involving Pokemon, Digimon, Nintendo, GameFreak, Creatures Inc., or Coro Coro. All of the aforementioned are not owned by EDSP. EDSP does not have any relations[hips] with any of these companies. This fan-made game is not endorsed, sponsored, or otherwise supported by any of the aforementioned companies. Pokemon is a registered trademark of Nintendo, GameFreak, and Creatures Inc. Digimon is a registered trademark of Bandai.

Creates all the games based on Pokemon.

Creatures Inc.
Creating the Pokemon TCG and toys.

Coro Coro Magazine
Always leaking information in Japanese to us one year early.

Those crazy people hosting huge websites filled with information.

We had to of gotten most of our information here.

Showing us some Generation V leaks from Coro-Coro magazine.

Some information.

Glitch City Laboratories
Original Glitch sprites and some information.

Members of the Team:
Hereby referred to as (temporary) employees of E-Desert Storm Productions…

The Godfather(s)/Mother(s):
Spawn Hyuuga
Agent Destroyer

Katara "The Cat" - Graphics Artist
Help-14 - OW Collector (Original source unknown - probably PMD)

The People we keep trapped in tanks that give us ideas:

Spawn Hyuuga - Creator, Editor
Fereal - Created 'Monobook' Theme, Made some fixes.

Special Thanks
PaulW of dA - Creating the sweet font that adorns our company name. *thumbs up*
Another reason were not commercial, lol.

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