Here's a Full List of features available in-game:

Basic Underground
When I say BASIC, I really mean BASIC. In the current Underground, you can find Wild Pokemon, and soon after we develop a special system you will be able to use shovels and pickaxes, etc. to collect all sorts of loot. Did I mention the size of the map is 500x500?

List of Features to Work on/Suggested Features:

Internet Connectivity/WI-FI
While it would be nice to trade Pokemon with your friends, it's not necessarily going to happen. I'm not sure if it's possible to pull this one off, but if it is you can bet that it will happen.

Code Swap Pokemon
If nothing else, I will try to add this in.
At the very least, I promise you a SIMPLE way to trade with friends if this game gains popularity. I offer you a Code Swap system. You get a code that's unique to your Pokemon, email it to your friends and the game can import your Pokemon. Then ask them to send theirs. Great way to swap Pokemon, progress and even movepools.


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