Surely, if you've played Pokemon before that you've heard of Teams. No? Well, not rescue teams. Ever since the original Pokemon R/Y/B, there has been some group of evil trying to stop you. Now is it coming back to you? In Pokemon White Gold you will have the option of joining one or more teams. Finally, you don't have to be a good boy, and can instead decided to rule over the universe with an iron fist using Arceus as your steed. Muhahahahahahaha! *cough* *cough* Okay! Maybe not quite like that…

Below is each team and then under them the different branches. Most branches have different leaders.

Good Teams:

Police Task Force

Neutral Teams:

Pokemon Trainers Guild

Evil Teams:

Team Rocket

  • Kanto/Johto Branch
  • Hoenn Branch
  • Sinnoh Branch

Team Aqua

  • Hoenn Branch

Team Magma

  • Hoenn Branch

Team Galactic

  • Sinnoh Branch

Team Chronos

  • Kyoto Branch
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