The Starter Kit

As you can all guess, taking one game engine: RPG Maker XP - and making it copy or mimic almost every aspect of a Pokemon game by one person is nay - impossible. This is why on man about 4 years ago stepped up, his name was FlameGuru. After about a year of work, he stopped working - and passed on his work to a man named Poccil. He is a very nice person, in the fact that he continued the kit and has mimiced almost every feature possible in a Pokemon game. The only parts unfinished rely on you, can you make them? The only reason he left these out, is there not officially important or for the time being escape his knowledge.

If you wish to embark on the journey, of creating your own Pokemon game…

Buy RPG Maker XP from Enterbrain (or use the 30 day trial)
Download Poccil's Starter Kit from here.

Attempt to learn RGSS and restore any unfinished features and add you own. This is your world - so make it as damn special as you can.

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